The “Thank You for Showing Up” Recognition Series is the Women & Girls Fund’s effort to share stories of local people who go beyond saying “What can I do for you?” to offer simple acts of kindness to help someone in need. “Showing up” is about seeing a need and taking action. Such supportive gestures of caring and generosity of spirit are all around us in the Mid-Shore and make our communities stronger.

 Kindness and comfort…a stitch in time.

Lynn epitomizes caring, thoughtfulness, and endless acts of kindness. She goes about her days quietly, never preaching, never criticizing or judging. She’s committed to making things better and helping others. Lynn shows up.

For many years, she and her husband have provided the main course for monthly dinners to the guests of His Hope Haven in Caroline County. No one coaxed her to volunteer, no one offered to take the lead; she saw a need and automatically did something about it. 

When a friend’s son was in a terrible car accident and paralyzed from the waist down, she and another friend sponsored a fundraiser; they bought the food and made the dinner. With the $7,000 raised, necessary modifications for his wheelchair access at home was underway.

Lynn regularly writes letters to those suffering the loss of a loved one, and in some cases includes a book like the one she was given when her own father died by suicide. It was a book she was unable to read at the time but found helpful when an unexpected health problem caused the sudden death of her 36-year-old son. 

After hearing about someone who made quilts for those in need, Lynn thought that was a good idea — even though she’d never sewn a stitch in her life! With her husband’s help researching sewing machines and guided by online tutorials, she’s made and given away several quilts and is busy making more.

Lynn’s compassion and empathy towards others are exceptional. When many may be quick to offer help; Lynn simply starts helping. Her good deeds are endless; and always done without any desire of being acknowledged. Those fortunate enough to know her think of her in angelic terms, but she doesn’t even know how special she is. 

Thank you, Lynn, for showing up!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” —AESOP