2020 Sheryl V. Kerr Award Recipients

The Sheryl V. Kerr Award, given by the Grayce B. Kerr Fund in memory of Sheryl Kerr, recognizes community members for empowering women and girls to achieve success in their communities. The Board voted to make the award in January, and a board member informed the Fords in person. Sadly, John Ford passed away in early February. As individuals and as a couple, Peggy and John’s personal and professional activities have touched countless community members. Peggy had a long career as an educator in Baltimore City, at the Benedictine School, and in the Talbot County Public Schools. As a volunteer, she’s supported Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Hospice Festival of Trees, Talbot Arts Council, St. Vincent de Paul, and many more. John was highly respected for serving on the Easton Town Council, as Operations Manager of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and as an adult education teacher, first with the Academy for Life Long Learning and then Chesapeake Forum. He served on the boards of Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center and Easton’s Affordable Housing Board, and was a member of the Frederick Douglass Honor Society. It is with honor that the Fund presents this year’s Sheryl V. Kerr Award to Peggy and John Ford.