Grant Recipients 2003- 2019 $601,767 to 89 non-profit organizations

17 grants totaling $48,749

“Hope and Healing Center”
Compass Regional Hospice, located in Centreville and providing services in Queen Anne’s and Kent, offers “care on your terms” with comprehensive, professional, and compassionate end-of-life care. Since 1985, it has grown from an all-volunteer organization into a state-of-the-art organization recognized for its excellence. In addition to patient care, Compass Regional Hospice offers a wide variety of grief and counseling services for people of all ages. Some of the support programs offered through the Hope and Healing Center are: RASP (Reconciling After a Substance Passing); HALOS (Healing after a Loved One’s Suicide); and, Camp New Dawn, a bereavement overnight camp for children, teens, and families. In 2016-17, over 800 persons participated in the Hope and Healing programs, of which more than 80% of the participants were women and girls. This grant will support the Hope and Healing Center.

“Stepping Up Our Game”
Founded in 2013, the Destined to Rise Coalition promotes community service, youth development, and educational philanthropy. Its mission is to empower teen girls to create personal goals, understand civic responsibility, and develop leadership skills. The Girls Empowerment and Mentoring Program (GEMS) offers a mentoring relationship between professional women and students that encourages positive behavior, healthy life choices, and post-secondary school opportunities. Each year, Destined to Rise hosts a summit for Mid-Shore girls, “Stepping Up Our Game.” The daylong event is both fun and educational providing practical advice on topics such as developing study skills, learning conflict resolution skills, and finding a balance between school, sports, and social activities. This grant will support the costs of the “Stepping Up Our Game” summit.

“Summer Leadership Program”
Established in 1972, Echo Hill Outdoor School empowers young people to be responsible and aware stewards of the natural environment, active learners, and compassionate individuals. The staff is dedicated to educating and mentoring youth of all backgrounds by offering experiential courses that enable participants to gain skills in individual and group dynamics, develop leadership skills, and learn about natural sciences all while having fun. Currently, 150 public and private schools and other organizations (Mid-Shore and beyond) participate in the school’s successful and highly regarded programs. This grant will support the Leadership Workshop, a three-day residential leadership program for promising Mid-Shore middle school girls.

“CARESS self-care staff workshop”

Founded in 1986, For All Seasons is the only licensed behavioral health and rape crisis center serving the five MidShore counties without regard to one’s ability to pay. With a staff of 61, For All Seasons provides services, including fully bi-lingual support, every day of the year to over 2,200 men, women, children, and families at offices in each of the five counties and at schools in Caroline, Dorchester, and Kent counties. This year, For All Seasons is building on Project Purple’s efforts surrounding opioids and addictions. Recognizing that health care workers and clinical professionals are impacted by the behaviors and struggles of their clients, For All Seasons will be offering a professional workshop, CARESS (Get Centered – Communicate Alternatively – Release Endorphins – SelfSoothe). Developed by the Ferentz Institute, the self-care training program will provide practitioners with specific strategies to treat the cycle of self-destructive behaviors. Additionally, participants will follow a guided meditation session offered by Ebb Tide Wellness to promote self-care mindfulness techniques practitioners can use in every day life. This grant will support the CARESS professional workshop.

“Part-time School Psychologist”

Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne’s serves as an enrichment program to encourage a diverse group of students whose families are below the national poverty level to realize their full potential. The goal is to reduce the academic achievement gap between impoverished and well-to-do public school children or “summer slide” – the academic loss that low-income children suffer when school is out. Horizons offers a 6-week program providing targeted academic support in reading and math, Red Cross certified swim lessons, weekly field trips, and enrichment in art, music, health, and library science. At its Gunston School site this summer, Horizons expects to enroll 72 students from three public elementary schools in Queen Anne’s County. Many of those children require individual psychological counseling, and this grant will fund a part-time school psychologist.

“National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference”

The Kent County Department of Social Service Child Advocacy Center program assists in developing and implementing strategies specifically intended to provide assistance to sexual assault victims in the State of Maryland by coordinating services for victims of child sexual and/or severe physical abuse from first response through the criminal justice system in order to ensure a successful prosecution. This year’s grant will pay for staff to attend The National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference in Washington, DC where they will receive training in leadership, continuing ed, have networking opportunities and exposure to innovative programs and ideas for Child Advocacy Center leaders.

“Education and Empowerment Support Groups”

The mission of the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence is to create healthy opportunities to break the cycle of domestic violence through intervention and prevention by providing shelter, counseling, service and advocacy for victims and abusers. This grant, pooled with other community resources, will support the professional facilitation of organized and targeted support groups for victims of domestic violence in the five counties. It is estimated that a total of 350 women and their families will be reached through this program.

“Fed Up Rally”

In 2013, Mid-Shore Restoring Hope in Women was created as an answer to the call for help in the fight against the rising opioid crisis. This organization helps women and girls find their way to rehab, works across the counties to educate the public about the dangers, trauma, and disease of opioid addiction, and fosters cross-sector collaborations amongst the various drug and alcohol programs in the area to reach victims of addiction and advocate for resources to help in the fight. The organization will host their “Fed-Up Rally” in Caroline County in August, which is a national observance to bring attention to the issue of addiction, and reduce the stigma associated with it, while encouraging those in positions of influence and power to increase access to treatment and recovery services.

“Camp Like a Girl”

Since 1981 Pickering Creek Audubon Society has been dedicated to community-based conservation of natural resources through environmental education and outreach. This year we are making a grant to their new program “Camp Like A Girl”, which will engage underserved and at-risk middle school girls in an all-female nature exploration program. Two female educators will meet with girls after school from March until May, culminating in and overnight camping adventure at Pickering Creek. The goal is to increase confidence, interest in science, daring, and adventurous exploration, all while teaching about the environment and the joy of the outdoors.

“Capt. Joe Kettinger Scholarship Fund”

Established in 2016, Rising Above Disease (RAD) serves women in recovery from addictions by providing a safe, secure living environment, bolstered by healthy routines, individualized recovery plans, and opportunities to develop skills to become productive community members. In its first year, RAD worked with more than 26 women. Volunteer staff members schedule medical, dental, and mental health services. Additionally, they arrange appropriate recovery discussion groups and identify useful programs, such as grief counseling, art therapy, healthy living skills, relapse prevention, financial planning, and resume writing. Addiction robs individuals of many basic human necessities, often making it impossible to meet the modest rent RAD charges its clients. To support newly sober women as they emerge into a new way of life, the Capt. Joe Kettinger Scholarship Fund was established to provide temporary rental assistance. This grant will support the scholarship fund.

“Equine Therapy program with Talbot Special Riders”

The St. Martin’s Ministries provides four key services in the Mid-Shore: a food pantry, a thrift store, homelessness reduction services, and a two-year transitional residence for homeless families and individuals at St. Martin’s House. They are receiving funds for an exciting program that will provide a therapeutic riding experience at Timber Grove Farm. Equine therapy is a well-documented modality for victims of all types of trauma from abuse to combat. Through this program St. Martin’s House residents and their children will explore issues of trust, learn self-sufficiency and responsibility, grow in their communication skills and emotional regulation, build problem solving skills, and create bonds with each other and the horses.

“Send Our Girls to Summer Camp”

Founded in 2007, Talbot Mentors’ mission seeks to ensure at-risk youth in Talbot County have the opportunity to mature into engaged and productive members of their communities. Through consistent support, guidance, coaching, and role modeling, volunteer adult mentors strive to instill values and standards that will prepare mentees for success in their personal and professional lives. Talbot Mentors has reached over 350 children since the program’s inception. In 2017, 110 youth were in mentoring relationships. In addition to one-on-one mentoring services, many other enrichment programs are offered through partnerships with local organizations. And, for the 15th year, financial assistance will be offered to provide day or residential summer camp experiences, which for some mentees, is the first time to be away from home. This grant will support “Send Our Girls to Camp.”

“Be True to Yourself. Be YOU.”

The Tilghman Area Youth Association (TAYA) mission is to provide community programs that unite Tilghman youth to self, family, and community. Started in 2003, the organization sponsors Tilghman After School Kids (TASK) program. TASK extends the learning day at Tilghman Elementary School with creative enrichment classes, exercise time, homework time, and a nutritious dinner. TAYA also offers personalized tutoring to students in grades K through 12. A new program, created in response to Talbot Goes Purple, focuses on K – 5th graders to help them develop positive self-esteem, model kind and empathetic behavior toward others, and address remaining strong in the face of peer pressure. With over 60% of Tilghman youth participating in TASK, it’s no surprise some graduates, now young adults, have returned to Tilghman Island and taken on leadership positions. This grant will help fund salaries for three young women leaders who serve as Afterschool Coordinator, Assistant Afterschool Coordinator, and Instructional Assistant.