Women & Girls Fund to Honor Five Founders of For All Seasons

5/15/13 EASTON – The five women who founded For All Seasons in the early 1980s to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and sexual violence, and to provide a range of support to victims, will be honored as recipients of the Women & Girls Fund Award at the fund’s 11th annual Spring Luncheon, Monday, April 29, at the Tidewater Inn.

At the luncheon, the Women & Girls Fund will give out more than $36,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services that benefit women, girls and families in all five Mid-Shore counties. Since 2003, the fund has awarded more than $304,000 to 53 organizations. The Women & Girls Fund Award recipients are Joy Price, Maureen Jacobs, Nancy Wilson, Kathleen Francis and Janet Pfeffer. It was Price, a master’s degree candidate at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, who proposed writing a plan to create a not-for-profit agency in a rural community – she was living in Talbot County at the time – dedicated to the support of victims of sexual abuse. Her professor, Nancy Wilson, approved the topic and the seeds of For All Season were planted.

The idea was to provide victim advocates and mental health services for victims of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of their ability to pay. In a community where sexual abuse and rape were rarely discussed, however, shifting the project from graduate school paper to funded and staffed reality was a steep climb.

“There were rape crisis centers on the Western Shore and the Lower Shore, but there was nothing in the Mid-Shore,” said Price. “When people heard that we were going to work with rape victims, the common response was, ‘Oh, my dear!’ but then there was usually silence.”

Today, For All Seasons has offices in each of the five Mid-Shore counties and provides victim services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In addition, more than 30 For All Seasons staff members offer a wide range of mental health services as well as support for victims of sexual violence and other traumas.

“These five women pooled their resources and talents to create a private not-for-profit corporation that, over the years, has provided a continuum of support services to countless women and girls who have experienced the devastating trauma of sexual violence,” said Dick Goldstein, executive director of For All Seasons.

“Joy’s initial effort was to bring something that was missing to this rural area, and it’s been thrilling to watch it unfold,” said Nancy Wilson. “What the Women & Girls Fund has done is to provide funds to community-based services – some are brand new organizations – that actually use those resources to touch the lives of real people. There’s nothing grandiose about what they do; these organizations actually get to real people.”

For information and reservations, call 410-770-8347, email info@womenandgirlsfund.org or visit www.womenandgirlsfund.org. The Spring Luncheon is open to the public.