2005 Womans & Girls Fund Award

Mrs. Harriet Critchlow of Talbot County, affectionately and appropriately known as “Happy,” has devoted her life to meeting the needs of women and girls in the Mid-Shore region. Over thirty years ago, Mrs. Critchlow recognized the need of working women to have access to safe and affordable day care. With her friend, Janice Adkins, she co-founded the Easton Day Care Center in 1970. From that day until today, Mrs. Critchlow has nurtured the growth and development of the Easton Day Care Center in every way imaginable.

Happy Critchlow..2005 Women Girls Fund Award recipient and Alice Ryan, President, Women & Girls Fund

Today, the Center serves almost four hundred children at five locations in Talbot County. Since its inception, Happy has served as the Board’s President and Treasurer, found teachers and directors, worked with children, and tirelessly raised money for the Center. Her generous leadership has benefited two generations of Talbot County children and allowed countless women to work or to advance their educations.

Mrs. Critchlow’s vision, dedication, leadership and generous gifts of time and financial support throughout her life have created a legacy that has enhanced the lives of so many women and girls. She is truly an inspiration to all of us.